6 Nisan 2014 Pazar

TEOG İngilizce Kelime Tekrar Sınavı

a)Catch a thief          b)Wound                   c)Scared                     d)Mystery
e)Sleepwalker            f)Intrapersonal         g)Trustworthy

1)    Policemen couldn’t solve the _______ of that crime.
2)   Pollice couldn’t ______ the thief. He escaped.
3)   I was so ______ that I couldn’t  say a word when I saw that dog.
4)   Don’t worry. You can share everything wit Aslı because she is ______ girl.
5)   In the traffic accident he was ______  badly.

a)Soldier     b)Witness            c)Sign                   d)Promise
e)Errand        f)Nightmare              g)Government

1)    Two countries  _______ peace treaty in 1950 after a bad war.
2)   We must help our mothers while doing the house ______
3)   Police could find the murderer with the help of two _______
4)   Hasan is very lazy but he ______ to study harder.
5)   English ________ decided to help poor countries in Africa
a)Fold             b)lawn mover            c)Clues           d)Break into
e)Share           f)Suspect                    g) Survive

1)    You can use my ______ for cutting grass in your garden.
2)   Yesterday evening someone _______ our house and stole our Money.
3)   Police couldn’t find any ______ to catch the thief.
4)   His father and mother died in the accident but he succeded to ______
5)   After  the clothes  dry please ______ them.

a) Follow        b)childhood               c)Accomplish             d)Success
e)Award         f)respectful                g) Celebrate


1)    Orhan Pamuk won two _____ after he wrote his last book.
2)   Hakan is such a _______ that  he doesn’t smoke near his father.
3)   He is in prison and has a bad life because he has had a bad ________
4)   We _______ victory day on 30th august.
5)   If you want to be successful you should _____ what your teacher says.

a) Single         b)Deaf                        c)Escape                    d)Experiment
e)Creative      f)Work alone             g)Invention

1)    After a lot of ________ Graham bell invented the telephone.
2)   Don’t shout he can’t hear you because he is _______
3)   I have got ıntrapersonal intelligence so I  like _______
4)   Last week two men ______ from prison.
5)   She is so _______ girl that she always has a new idea.
a)Transplant                         b)Monster                  c)Surgeon        d)Transplant
e)borrow                    f)Anxious                   g)Competition

1)    The first liver ______ was made by Mehmet Haberal.
2)   She is always ______ before her exams.
3)   Gazi yaşargil is a very famous turkish neuro ______
4)   Yesterday night I saw a _______  in my nightmare and ı was scared.
5)   The winner of the ______ was Ece  with his great idea.

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