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Hi , I’m Jack. I’m looking for a job. I’m thirty years old. I’m good-looking and I’m confident. I am not married. I can speak German and Portuguese. I’d like a good salary. I would  like to have friendly colleagues. I’d like to have my own office. I want to have job security. I’d like to have a good boss. I would  like to have a job with promotion, holiday pay and sick pay. I’d like a job with flexible working hours because I sometimes play the guitar in a club.

1. Which languages can he speak ?
a)     A.    He is good-looking and confident.
b)     B.   He can speak German and Portuguese.
c)     C.  He would like to be rich.
d)     D.  Yes, he can speak two languages.

2. What kind of job he would like?
a)     A.   He wants friendly colleagues.
b)     B.   He is thirty years old.
c)      C . He would like a job with promotion, holiday pay, and sick pay
d)      D.  He likes playing guitar.

3. What does “colleague” means?
a)          A.  It means goal.
b)           B. It means work partner.
c)           C.  It means higher position.
d)           D.  It means good salary.
          1B 2C 3B


Hi, I’m Adonita. I am from Spain. I’ve just done a degree in Radio and Television. I am not going to apply for a job because I’m going to do some courses in film industry abroad. After that, I am going to come back to my hometown and get a job. I think I’ll not make much money at first, but I love making films and I think it is worth trying again and again. What do you think about my future plans? What are your future plans?

1. Why isn’t she going to apply for a job?
a)          a.  Because she is going to do some courses in film industry abroad.
b)           b.Because she doesn’t want.
c)          c. Because her family don’t let.
d)          d.Because doing s-courses in film industry abroad is expensive.

2. Will she make Money at first?
a)           a. No, she wouldn’t like to apply for a job.
b)           b.She thinks it is worth trying.
c)            c. No, she will not make Money at first.
d)            d. She is worried about future.

3. What are your future plans?
a)              a. I would like to have an hamburger.
b)              b.I want to sleep in my bed.
c)              c. I want to buy some milk.
d)             d.I would like to run my own business.
              1A  2C 3D

I’m John. I’m from Greece. I’ve already done a degree in Modern Languages; Russian and French, but I am still unemployed. I would like to work as a teacher. I have already written a CV and I have applied for a few jobs. I also read job adverts every day. Unfortunately, only one school has asked me to go for an interview. I am going for an interview tomorrow, but I am hopeless because they want experienced teachers. If I can’t find a job at school, I am going to work as a waiter in a holiday resort.

1.Where is he going for an interview  tomorrow?
a)      To Greece
b)     To a school
c)      To holiday resort
d)     To hospital

2. Why is he hopeless?
a)         a.Because he has no experience.
b)         b. Because he hasn’t a degree.
c)         c.  Because he doesn’t want this job very much.
d)        d. Because he is bad at his field.

3. What will he do if he can’t find a job at a school?
a)            a.  He will study medicine in university.
b)            bHe will look after baby.
c)             c.  He will go to abroad.
d)            d. He will work in a holiday resort.

Hello, I am Ülkü. I’m from Turkey. I’ve just finished a degree in Chemistry. I’d like to have a successful career at university. I am studying very hard because I am going to do my master’s degree at university. After that  I am going to apply for a place at university. I think, If you do your best, you’ll be successful. I believe failure will bring success.

1. In which field has she just done a degree?
a.      In chemistry.
b.      In maths.
c.       At university.
d.      In turkey.

             2. Why is she studying hard?
a)      Because her family wants her study.
b)     Because she is going to do master’s degree at university.
c)      Because she will apply for a place at university.
d)     Because she likes studying.

3. How can we be successful?
a)      If we do our best.
b)     If we go abroad.
c)      If we cheat ın the exams.

d)     If we don’t study hard. 

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