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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs İngilizce Masal Yazma Proje Ödevi

In a far away kingdom a prince's daughter grow up happily.She is 
very pretty with blue eyes and long fair hair.She has a smooth fair 
skin so everybody calls her Snow White.Everyone agrees that she 
is very beautiful.She has an evil and jealous stepmother who has a 
magic mirror.She is very beautiful,too.Her magic mirror tells her 
this everyday when she asks it. 
 "Mirror,mirror on the wall,who is the most beautiful of all?" says 
the stepmother."You are,my dear lady" it replies.Days,months and 
years pass by and one day the mirror says "Snow White is the most 
beautiful of all."The stepmother is very angry and jealous.She 
starts making plans to get rid of Snow White.She calls a servant 
and says "I promise to give you a reward.Take Snow White to the 
deep forest and kill her."The greedy servant agrees this plan and 
takes Snow White away from the castle to the deep forest.When 
they arrive at the spot, the man changes his mind because she is 
so beautiful and innocent.He runs away leaving her in the forest alone. 

Night comes but the servant doesn't return.Snow White begins to cry sadly.She is scared and 
tired.Finally,she falls into sleep under a tree. 
She wakes up with the morning sun and hears the birds singing all around.She isn't scared 
anymore because she can see everything clearly.She tries to find her way to the castle and she 
finds a path.She follows it hopefully.After some time she comes across a strange cottage.It has a 
small door and windows.She is puzzled because everything in this cottage is smaller than 
normal.She knocks at the door but there is no answer.She pushes the door and it opens. 
She looks at the tools in the kitchen and says "I wonder who lives here?"."What small spoons and 
plate! There are seven of each item so there must be seven people."She goes upstairs and sees 
seven little beds.She goes back to the kitchen and cooks soup.She says "When they return home 
they'll find the dinner ready and become happy." 
Towards sunset seven little men march towards home singing.When the open the door they see 
seven bowls of hot soup on the table.They search around the house and find Snow White 
sleeping in one of the beds in the bedroom.The eldest dwarf wakes her up gently and asks "Who 
are you?".Snow White introduces herself and tells her sad story.All the dwarfs listen to her and 
cry silently.Then one of them says "Why don't you stay here with us?".They all like this idea and 
start dancing happily.The dwarfs say to the Snow White "You can stay here and look after the 
house while we are working in the mine.We are sorry for your stepmother.We really love you and 
we can take care of you"Snow White likes this idea and decides to stay with the seven dwarfs. 
In the morning the dwarfs warn Snow White before leaving for work."Don't open the door to 
strangers and be very careful." 

Meanwhile,the servant goes back to the castle with a deer's heart in his hand.He gives it to the 
stepmother and says it belongs to Snow White.He wants his reward.The stepmother smiles gladly 
and turns again to the magic mirror.The magic mirror replies "The most beautiful lady on earth is 
still Snow White,who lives with the seven dwarfs in a small cottage in the deep forest."The 
stepmother is very furious. 

"She must die! She must die at once!" she screams.She disguises herself as a very old woman and 
puts a big poisonous apple into a basket full of apples.She goes to the forest and finds the 
Snow White is making the beds when she hears a knock at the door."Who's that?" she asks. 
"I am an woman.I sell apples."replies the stepmother. 
"I don't want any apples,thanks anyway" she replies. 
"But these apples are the most delicious apples and they are so 
fresh." says the stepmother in a soft voice. 
"I mustn't open the door to anyone" says the little girl unwillingly. 
"You are a good girl because you obey the rules.I want to give you 
a free apple as a reward." 
Without thinking,Snow White opens the door a little and gets her 
apple.She says "Oh,what a nice red apple!" and bites it.Suddenly 
she falls to the ground.She looks lifeless so the stepmother laughs 
wildly and runs away.On the way to the castle she falls into a 
quicksand.She cries for help but nobody hears her.She disappears 
in a few minutes. 
After a while the dwarfs come back home and find Snow White in 
the doorway,lifeless.They also see the poisonous apple near 
her.They try to wake her up but it's useless. 
They cry for a long time.Then they lay her on a bed of 
roses,daffodils,daisies and tulips and put her in a glass coffin.Every 
day they bring flowers to her and weep. 
One day,they notice a young handsome man near Snow White's 
coffin looking at her beautiful face.They learn that he is a prince 
and tell him the story of Snow White.The prince has an idea.He 
says "If you let me take her to my castle,I can call talented doctors 
to treat her.Oh,she is so beautiful that I want to give her a kiss!"He 
gives a kiss to Snow White and she opens her eyes slowly.Prince's 
kiss breaks the evil magic in the poisonous apple.She comes back 
to life. 
The dwarfs and the prince hop up and down with joy.The prince is so charmed by her beauty 
that he asks her to marry him.Snow White acceepts to marry him and the say goodbye to the 
seven dwarfs. 
From that day on Snow White and the prince live in a big castle happily and they often visit their 
seven little friends in the deep forest. 

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