2 Nisan 2014 Çarşamba



                   In my family, we love good food. Every day my mum cooks delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone. She cooks very well.
                   In the morning, my mother cooks sandwiches with eggs and ham for me and my brothers. We drink milk too. My older brother usually drinks orange juice. My father drinks coffee with milk. He never drinks orange juice.
                   At noon, we have lunch. We sit around the table and we eat chicken with chips, tomato salad and bread. We always have cheese on the table but my little sister never eats cheese and tomato. I like eating cheese very much!

                  In the evening, my family and I have dinner. I sometimes help my mother cook tasty burgers. I like cooking in the kitchen! I can cook burgers, potatoes and salad. We always eat our burgers around the table. Then, we sit on the sofa and we watch TV in the living room.

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