4 Nisan 2014 Cuma

İngilizce Masal Yazma Proje Ödevi-Sleeping Beauty

In a far away kingdom there is a king and a queen.They 
don't have any children and they always say "We wish 
a child".This is their only wish. 
One day while the queen is having a bath a frog creeps 
out of the water and says "You may have a daughter in 
a year" 
The frog is right.The king and the queen have a little 
daughter.The king is very happy and he gives a big 
feast in his castle.His friends and the wise women come 
to this feast.He has only 12 golden plates for 13 wise 
women so one of them stays at home. 
The feast is very nice and rich and all the guests enjoy 
themselves.The wise women are so happy that they 
give magic gifts to the little girl.One gives virtue, 
another beauty,a third riches,and so on... 
 When the eleven of them finish their wishes,the thirteenth wise woman comes in.She is very sad 
and she is crying.She says "I wish the king's daughter pricks herself with spindle and dies" and she 
runs away. 
All the guests are shocked.The twelfth wise woman comes forward and tells her wish.She can't undo 
the evil wish but she can change it a little and she says "She shall not die but sleep for a hundred 
The king wants to protect his daughter from misfortune.He orders "Burn every spindle in the whole 
kingdom."Time passes and his daughter grows up to a beautiful,modest,good-natured and a wise 
princess.Everyone falls in love with her. 
One day when she is fifteen years old and the king and queen are not at home,she goes for a walk in 
the castle.She goes into every room and bed-chamber.Finally she comes to an old tower.She climbs up 
the norrow stairs and reaches the door.There is a rusty key in the lock.She turns it and opens the 
door.She sees a little room and an old woman with a spindle in his hand.She is spinning her flax. 
 "Good day, old mother," says the king's daughter, "What are you doing here?" 
 "I am spinning," says the old woman. 
"That's interesting.Can I try it?" she says. 
She takes the spindle and wants to spin,too.Once she touches the spindle , she pricks her finger with 
Suddenly she falls down on the bed and lays in a deep sleep. 
Once she falls asleep all the people and the animals in the castle fall asleep,too.The king,the 
queen,the cook,the maids,the horses in the stables,the dogs in the yard,the pigeons on the roof,the 
flies on the wall and so on... They all fall into a deep sleep.Time passes by and not a leaf moves,but a 
hedge of thorns begin to grow around the castle and covers it all so nothing can be seen inside. 
People in the kingdom tell the story of this beautiful princess and it goes about the country.From time 
to time other kings' sons come and try to get through the thorny hedge and get into the castle.They 
can't succeed and they are eventually caught in the thorny hedge and die. 
After long,long years a king's son comes to that country and hears the story of the castle and the 
beautiful princess who sleeps for a hundred years.He also hears about the other princes' deaths.He 
says "I'm not afraid.I want to go and see the beautiful princess." 
When he arrives at the castle yard,the thorny hedge turns into beautiful big flowers and lets him pass 
through.He goes into the castle and they become thorny hedge again.He sees sleeping horses in the 
stable and the pigeons on the roof.He also notices the cook in the kitchen.He is sleeping,too. 
He goes on and reaches the great hall,sees all the maids and all the court sleeping.The king and the 
queen are by the throne.They are sleeping,too.He goes on to another room,opens the door and sees 
the princess sleeping. 
She is so beautiful that he can't turn his eyes away.He stops and gives her a kiss.As soon as he kisses 
the princess,she opens her eyes and looks at him sweetly. 
They go down together .They see the king,the queen and all the court and animals awake.They all 
look puzzled. 
The king is very thankful to the prince and he orders the maids,the cook and all the staff "Get ready in 
a short time.We are celebrating a wedding soon." 
The prince and the princess get married soon and they live happily

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