4 Nisan 2014 Cuma

İngilizce Masal -Akıllı Çoban

Once upon a time there lived a king.One day he gathered all the 
people and gave them a mission.He said "I'll ask you two 
questions.Find the answers to these questions in a short 
time! My first question: How long does it take to go from East 
to West? My second question: What is the god doing at the 
moment? If you can't find the answers to these questions in 
three days I'll punish you all." 
All the people in that country thought about these questions but 
nobody could find the answers.After three days the king's men 
gathered all the people in a big field in order to question 
them.They were quite desperate.A shepherd saw the 
crowd from a high mountain.He asked a passing by 
horseman what was happening there.The man told 
him everything.The shepherd thought for a while and 
went straight to the field. 
Suddenly the king appeared.He said "Have you found the answers to my questions? 
Whoever has answers shall come here." All the people looked upset.They couldn't even 
breathe.Then the shepherd came forward and said "Your majesty,I've found the answers to 
your questions."The people were quite surprised. 
The king asked " How long does it take to go from East to West?" 
"It takes only one day,your majesty"answered the shepherd. 
"How do you know? Are you sure?"asked the king. 
"If there were two days from East to West the sun would be on the half way.But it rises in 
the East every morning and sets in the West every evening so it only takes one day from 
East to West." replied the shepherd. 
The king continued "Well... What is god doing at the moment?" 
"You majesty,stand up from your throne and give me your place.Then I'll answer your 
question." said the shepherd. 
The king stood up and gave the shepherd his place.The shepherd got on the throne and 
loudly said "God is assigning a shepherd as a king and a king as a shepherd." 
The king liked the clever shepherd's answers and said "One cannot meet such a clever boy 
so often.I let everyone go home.I won't punish anyone." 
From that day on all the people in that country respected the clever shepherd and 
whenever they had a problem,they asked for help from him. 

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