23 Nisan 2014 Çarşamba

Bir Turiste Turistik Bir Şehir Hakkında Bilgi Verme Ödev Örneği

ALİ:hi.welcome to antalya

TOM:thanks.my name is tom what is your name

A:my name is ali

T: Can you give me some information about antalya?

A: of course ı can. what do you want to learn about antalya?

T. where can ı visit? what are the touristic places?

A you can visit aspendos theatre.İt is a historical place.You can visit antalya museum and you can go to perge. Perge is also a  historical place.

T:what are the waterfallas' name in antalya?

A: you can visit düden warterfall ,Kurşunlu waterfall and manavgat waterfall.Also you can swim in the sea.There are two beautiful beaches in antalya.They are konyaaltı beach and lara beach.

T: where can ı eat delicious turkish foods?

A: There are alot of good turkish restaurants in antalya. for example konyalılar restaurant and aksu restaurant.

T: what can i eat?

A: you can eat  Piyaz and turkish meatball(köfte) in antalya.

T:what about accommodation in antalya? are there good hotels?

A: yes there are a lot of comfortable hotels in antalya.They are 5 and 7 stars hotels.some hotels are very expensive but some hotels are cheap.

T: What about transportation?How can ı come to antalya?

A: You can come to antalya by plane.

T: are the people friendly in antalya?

A. Yes Turkish people are very friendly and helpfull.


A:you are welcome

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