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·         Simple agreement
1.   I agree.
2.   I really agree with you.
3.   I think you are right.
4.   I couldn’t agree with you more.
5.   You said it.
6.   Can’t say I don’t agree.
7.   I’m with you on this.
8.   I partly agree
9.   I agree on this but not that.
10.It’s partly true.
§  Accepting or Declining
§  I accept your point.
§  Please accept this on our behalf.
§  Sorry, I can’t accept this.
§  I’m 100% with you on this!
§  Great idea.
§  I’ll take it.
§  Sorry, I can’t take it.
§  Accept my apology.

·         Track 3 - Simple disagreement or refusal
§  I disagree with you.
§  Everyone has their own opinion, right?
§  I think you’re wrong on this.
§  I’m sorry but I have to refuse your request.
§  You’re wrong.
§    No way!
§  You’ve got to be kidding!
§  How can you even say that?
§  Where is your logic?
·         Track 4 - Strong disagreement
§  I completely disagree with you.
§  You are very wrong to say that.
§  I totally disagree with you.
§  I can’t find myself to agree with you.
§  You’re dead wrong.
§  You’re way wrong.

  • Part 2 - Explaining Oneself , Accepting Responsibility
o   …I wasn’t very well yesterday
o   …I didn’t see you
o   …It won’t happen again
o   …I’ll be more careful next time
o   …I’ll finish it before I go home
o   …It’s my fault
o   …It’s all my fault
Part 1- Apologies
    • I’m sorry…                    
    • I’m very sorry…                    
    • I’m terribly sorry…                        
    • Excuse me…                     
    • Pardon me…                     
    • I apologize…                              
    • I’m afraid…  

Asking for a phone call
  • …Could I use your phone?
  • …Might I possibly use your phone?
  • …Sorry to trouble you, but do you mind if I use your phone?
  • …Would you mind if I used your phone?
  • …May I use your phone?
  • …Can I use your phone?
  • …I wonder if I could use your phone.

Simple good-byes (Formal)
    • Good-bye
    • Stay in touch.
    • It was nice meeting you.
    • I hope to see you soon.
Simple good-byes (Informal)
    • Bye.
    • See you.
    • Talk to you later.
    • Catch up with you later.
    • Nice seeing you.

Leaving a place (Formal)
o   I have to leave here by noon.
o   Is it okay if we leave your home at 9pm?
o   What do you say we leave work a little earlier today?
o   Would you mind if I leave the dinner before it ends?
o   I need to depart for the airport in one hour.
Leaving a place (Informal)
o   I got to go now.
o   I’ll be leaving from the office in 20 minutes.
o   How about we jet off to the shops now?
o   I’m afraid I have to head off now.
o   Let’s get off work early.

·         General greetings (Formal)
1.   Hello!
2.   How are you?
3.   How are you doing?
4.   How is everything?
5.   How’s everything going?
6.   How have you been keeping?
7.   I trust that everything is well.
General greetings (Informal)
1.      What’s up?
2.      Good to see you.
3.      How are things (with you)?
4.      How’s it going?
5.      How’s life been treating you?

Greeting a person you haven’t seen for a long time (Formal)
It has been a long time.
1.     It’s been too long.
2.     What have you been up to all these years?
3.     It’s always a pleasure to see you.
4.     How long has it been?
5.     I’m so happy to see you again.
Greeting a person you haven’t seen for a long time (Informal)
o    How come I never see you?
o    It’s been such a long time.
o    Long time no see.
o    Where have you been hiding?
o    It’s been ages since we last met.

Showing a lot of interest
o    Wow!
o    Really?
o    (That’s) interesting!
o    (That’s) fantastic
Talking about your background
·         Originally I’m from….
·         I was (born and) brought up in…
·         I come from a... family.
·         My proudest moment was…-ing
·         I’ve always dreamt of .../ wanted to...

 Describing your language ability
·         I’m fluent in Polish.
·         I speak Spanish reasonably well.
·         I can get by in Portuguese.
·         I speak French but it is a bit rusty.
·         I know a few words of Japanese.
·         I wish I could speak Italian.
Asking people to speak slowly/speak up
Sorry, could you speak slowly, please? 
Could you speak up, please?
 Ending a phone conversation
o    OK, I think that’s everything I need.
o    OK, I think I’ve got all the details
o    Thanks. You’ve been very helpful.
o    Thanks very much for your help.

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