31 Mart 2014 Pazartesi

Teog İngilizce Soru Örnekleri

When John was a young man, he did a bad thing.
While he was walking alone on a Friday night, he
broke into a house and stole a CD player, some
CDs, books and magazines. Then he cleaned his
fingerprints. He thought he didn’t leave any
evidence, but there were some footprints on the
floor. After that, he put the stolen goods into a bin
in a street while he was walking home. However, it
was too bad. He couldn’t hide the evidence. At the

end, the police caught John.

1. When did he break into the house?
a) On a Friday night.
b) On a Saturday night.
c)  In the morning
d) In the afternoon.

2. Where did he put the stolen things into?
a) In a bag
b) In a car
c)  In a bin
d) In a box

3. What happened at the end?
a) He escaped from the scene
b) He could hide the evidence
c) The police caught John
d) He went to his house

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