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TEOG İngilizce Çıkması Muhtemel Soru Örnekleri

The President of the United States has one of the most difficult jobs in the World. He also has one of the nicest homes. The President lives in the White House, in Washington, D.C. This building has 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms and 3 elevators. It has a swimming pool, a bowling alley and a movie theater. It even has its own doctor’s Office and barbershop! That means the President can do a lot without leaving home. The President’s home is so beautiful that it used to be called the “President’s Palace” before. President Theodore Roosevelt named it the White House in 1901. Also, according to the U.S. Constitution, the President does not own the White House. The American people do!

1                1-      What is the best title for this story?

A-     “Write to the President”
B-      “Beautiful Homes”
C-      “The President’s Home”
D-     “A New President”

2                2-      Which of these is an opinion about the White House?

A-     It has a barbershop
B-      It’s in Washington D.C.                          
C-      It has 132 rooms.
D-     It’s the nicest house in the World.

3                3-      Which one is not true according to the text?

A-     White House is American people’s.
B-      Now, the White House is called “President’s Palace”
C-      The President of the United States does not have an easy job.

D-     The President can stay in White House for a long time because it has lots of facilities.

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