7 Mart 2014 Cuma

İngilizce Proje Ödevi İngilizce Batıl İnançlar

  1. If you find a clover plant with four leaves,you will be lucky.
  2. If you want your house to attract luck,put a horseshoe right up over the door.
  3. You will have seven years bad luck if you break a mirror.
  4. You will be unlucky if you open an umbrella indoors.
  5. In Britain, if you meet a black cat, you will be unlucky.
  6. You will avoid bad luck if you touch wood.
  7. If you put money in the pockets of new clothes, ...
  8. You will be unlucky if you walk under a ladder.
  9. If you spill some salt on the table,throw some salt over your shoulder.
  10. You will be lucky if you catch falling leaves in autumn.

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