2 Mart 2014 Pazar

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I’m going to describe my house.
My house is in downtown  Konyaaltı  near the City Center.
My house is on the 1st floor. It is big.
It’s got one small bedroom, one medium bedroom and a big bedroom.
When you come in there is a hall. On the left you can find a kitchen. My kitchen is big.
In front of the hall, you can find a dining room with a sunny medium balcony.
On the left you can find a long corridor.
Then there is a sunny  bedroom and then on the left there is a bathroom with a window.
There is a small bedroom, the computer room.
Opposite, there is living room with two windows.
Finally, you can find my roomThere are three shelves with a lot of books and films and a big wardrobe.

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