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İngilizce Kitap Özeti-Aşk ve Gurur

"Pride and Prejudice' - "Gurur ve Ön yargı"

"Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen
Oxford Bookworms, Stage 6, 2500 headwords
Mr. And Mrs. Bennet talks about a man who has a very big inheritance and comes to Netherfield Park. The man is Mr. Bingley. Mrs. Bennet thinks that Mr. Bingley may marry one of their daughters and it will be great for them. The Bennets have five unmarried daughters—from oldest to youngest, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia—and Mrs. Bennet is desperate to see them all married.
Mr. Bingley throws a party and Bennet family attends it. Mr. bingley spends much of the evening dancing with Jane. His close friend, Mr. Darcy, is less pleased with the evening and refuses to dance with Elizabeth, which makes everyone see him as arrogant and obnoxious. However, Mr. Darcy becomes more and more attracted by Elizabeth's charm and intelligence. Jane's and Mr. Bingley's friendship also continues and Jane pays a visit to the Bingley mansion. On her way, she it rains heavily and Jane gets ill and so she has to stay in the Bingley mansion for several days. In order to see Jane, Elizabeth goes through muddy fields and arrives with a dirty dress much to the disdain of the snobbish Miss Bingley, Charles Bingley's sister. Miss Bingley dislikes Elizabeth because she realizes that Darcy, whom she is pursuing, pays attention to Elizabeth.
When Elizabeth and Jane come back home, they find Mr. Collins visiting them. Mr. Collins is a young clergyman who will inherit Mr. Bennet's property. Because it can only be passed down to male ones. Mr. Collins is a fool, though he is quite attracted by the Bennet girls. Shortly after his arrival, he propose marriage to Elizabeth. She rejects him , wounding his pride. Meanwhile, the Bennet girls have become friendly with militia officers stationed in a nearby town. One of them, Wickham, a handsome young soldier who is friendly toward Elizabeth and tells her how Darcy cruelly cheated him out of an inheritance.
At the beginning of winter, the Bingleys and Darcy leave Netherfield and return to London. Then Bennet family get shocked with the news that Mr. Collins has become engaged to Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth's best friend. Charlotte and Mr. Collins get married and Elizabeth promises to visit them at their new home. After a while, Jane visits the city to see friends hoping also that she might see Mr. Bingley. However, Miss Bingley visits her and behaves rudely, while Mr. Bingley fails to visit her at all.
In the spring, Elizabeth visits Charlotte, who now lives near the home of Mr. Collins's patron, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who is also Darcy's aunt. Darcy calls on Lady Catherine and encounters Elizabeth. One day, Darcy makes a shocking proposal of marriage, which Elizabeth quickly refuses and accuses him of steering Bingley away from Jane and disinheriting Wickham. Darcy leaves her but delivers a letter to her. In the letter, he admits that he urged Bingley to be away from Jane, but adds that he has supposed their romance is not serious. And he explains Elizabeth that Wickham is a liar and that the real cause of their disagreement was Wickham's behaviour to his young sister, Georgiana Darcy.
The letter makes Elizabeth to think over her feelings about Darcy once more. She goes back home. In June, Elizabeth goes on another journey. The trip takes her to the North, the neighborhood of Pemberley, Darcy's estate. She visits Pemberley, and she learns that Darcy is a wonderful, generous master. Suddenly, Darcy arrives and behaves strange toward her. Making no mention of his proposal, he invites Elizabeth to meet his sister.
One day, Elizabeth learns that Lydia has eloped with Wickham. Fearful of the disgrace such a situation would bring on her entire family. Just when all hope seems lost, a letter comes saying that the couple has been found and that Wickham has agreed to marry Lydia in exchange for an annual income. After a while, Elizabeth learns that Darcy helps her family and the source of the money paid to Wickham is Darcy.
Mr. Bingley returns to Netherfield and continues his friendship with Jane. Darcy stays with him and pays visits to the Bennets but he doesn't mention about his desire to marry Elizabeth. Bingley, on the contrary, proposes marriage to Jane. While the family celebrates, Lady Catherine de Bourgh pays a visit. She meets Elizabeth and says that Darcy, her nephew, is planning to marry her. Since she thinks a Bennet is an unsuitable match for a her family, Lady Catherine demands that Elizabeth promise to refuse him. Elizabeth refuses, saying she is not engaged to Darcy, but she will not promise anything against her own happiness. A little later, Elizabeth and Darcy go out walking together and he tells her that his feelings have not changed. She accepts his proposal, and both sisters, Jane and Elizabeth get married.

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