1 Mart 2014 Cumartesi

İngilizce Hayvan Tanıtımı-Frog

Frogs live on land and in water. Frogs have long back legs and short bodies. Their 
eyes stick out. They do not have tails. Most of the time they move in the water, but they can 
also move on land. Frogs have smooth, not bumpy, skin. They can breathe through their skin. 
Their skin must stay wet so they can breathe through it. Young frogs must breathe through 
their skin. Older frogs grow lungs. They breathe through their lungs when they are on land, 
just like people do. Frogs lay their eggs in ponds and other bodies of water, like lakes. 
Frogs must move fast to catch something to eat. They must also get away from bigger 
animals. Some frogs have webs of skin between their toes. Webbed toes are good because it 
helps them to swim very fast. Tree frogs have toe pads. The toe pads help them hang on 
when they climb. When they climb, they move up trees or rocks. Some tree frogs live high in 
very tall trees. Those tree frogs have webs between their toes. They can jump from tree to 
tree. They can’t fly, but they can stay in the air for a long jump.

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