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    never say I love you, if you don’t really care…never talk about feelings, if they aren’t really there…never touch a life, if you mean to break a heart…never say you’re going to, if you don’t plan to start…never look me in they eye, when all you do is lie…never say hello, if you really mean good-bye.”

         “Love Quote; you’re, my friend my companion through good times and bad through happy and sad beside me you walk beside me you stand you’re there to listen you’re there to talk with happiness, with smiles with pain and tears I know you’ll be there through all of my years”

         “Bottled up inside are the words I never said the feelings that I hide the lines you’ve never read”

          “If I could rearrange the letters of the ABC’s I would put U and I together and next to each other forever….”

           “I may not get to see you as often as I like. I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. But deep in my heart I truly know, you’re the one that I love, and I can’t let you go.”

          “I think about him every day and night. I just can’t get him out my head; I told him everything he needed to know. Now I am waiting for him to tell me what he’s thinking. The next thing I know I open my door and he’s there. He hugs me and I knew it was love”

         “U can fall formed the sky, U can Fall From a Tree, but the best way to fall is in love with me” No Guy is Worth your tears and when you find one that is he wont make you cry.”

         “Too many sleepless nights thinking of you, and when I wake up my tears are running side of my cheeks ,thinking how much I want to be with you and I’m going to miss you still even as a gay ass friend but yeah its part of life so ya!”

         “Your tears make me want to change the world so that it won’t hurt you anymore…”

     Örnek II                                                                                                                                                December
 my Dear Caitlyn, 
 You are always on my mind, I can not stop thinking about you. Before I go to sleep I wake up and the last first thoughts are thoughts. Such a lucky man to have found such a wonderful woman. I miss you so much, been too long since I last saw you.
 Your smile is very beautiful and magical. Me smile every time I think it is on. To see you smile, I smile a lot even want to live in a really bad day, and makes me forget about the events of the previous day.
 Caitlyn, you must be the world’s most caring person. These seem to have an unlimited amount of patience and compassion. I was there to support me every time you make a mistake. When I just drove 300 miles to take care of my sick mother just one example of a great heart.
 If you are such a great time with no difference in what we were doing. As long as it is around, making even the most mundane activity is fun. I think I come back, I want to spend as much time as possible I hope you will see each other everyday. I miss you so much.

, I always love 

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