31 Mart 2014 Pazartesi

Favori Karakterin İngilizce Tanıtımı

My favorite character is Hulk. He is very big and green. In his movie and comic books, he is very "scary" to the people on this earth. A lot of people are scared of him because he causes a lot of destruction. That is what I like most about him. He has just so much power that no one can overcome. Hulk is a character from the Marvel Universe and there is so many marvel characters but he is one of the strongest super heroes. 
He has two forms. His human form name is Bruce Banner and in the Marvel world, he is one of the top 8 smartest people in the world. His other form is called Hulk and he is the one that causes destruction and is like the all mighty powerful. There are different ways that he got his powers but all of them pertain to the fact that he had got exposed to gamma. For some reason it did not kill Bruce Banner but it made him into something else. 
His powers work like this. Whenever he gets mad or excited he turns into the Hulk and he cannot really control it when he is the Hulk. Well this is the beginning of being the Hulk. After a while, after he has run away to other countries hiding form the government, he learns how to control it and he could use it to his advantage now or to help people. I am missing a lot of stuff but I am just putting the main facts out there. So he is very strong and he becomes an Avenger which is a team leaded by Nick Fury. Hulk was first a freak accident but now he is the strongest super hero in my eyes.

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