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Evcil Hayvanların İngilizce Tanıtımı

People rear some animals at home. Such animals are known as domestic animals. These animals are very useful to them.
Kinds of Domestic Animals:
Different people keep different kinds of domestic animals in order to meet their different needs. These animals may be enumerated as cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, dog, cat, mongoose, elephant, horses, camels, donkey, mule, cock, duck, swan, parrot, pigeon and so on.
Cows, calves and bullocks are termed as cattle. They are maintained mainly by the farmers, because they help them in farming. The dung and urine  of the cattle are the best kinds of manure. Bullocks are necessary for plouging the fields and drawing the carts. The milk of the cow is full of food-value. Almost all the Indians keep cows at their homes.
Buffaloes are as useful as the cattle. They render the same kind of service that the cattle do.
In cold countries, sheeps are reared in herds. Each herd consists of many thousand of sheep. Their furs are very soft and long. These furs are sheared and made into wool. This wool is made into warm attires. We also maintain some sheep with our cows. They have very short and coarse kinds of furs. If we can know the process, such furs too can be put to use. The cruel among us kill those innocent beasts. They kill the sheep to get their flesh and hides. It is no doubt a barbarous act.
Goats are very common in our country. We get milk from the she-goats. Their milk is very nutritious. Their milk is a fine food for the little babies. Their smell is a check against T.B. The hill-goats carry loads along the hills. The cruel persons kill the goats to get their flesh and hides. It is certainly a barbarous act.
Dogs are the first animal-friends of man. They helped the primitive people in chasing and hunting. Dogs are very faithful. They watch our houses. The police-dogs help in detecting the crimes.
Cats are natural enemy of rats. Rats do a lie of mischief. When cats are kept, rats are frightened away.
Mongoose is a natural enemy of snakes. Snakes are dreadful. Man keeps the mongoose to keep off the snakes.
Elephant is the biggest animal of the world. Kings and emperors were used to mount on elephants. The war elephants were maintained by the ancient monarchs. Now-a-days, elephants are used to carry heavy logs of wood. The tusks of the tuskers are very costly.
Horse is a fine animal. It stands about seven feet high. The mane on its neck is the main feature of its body. Its tail is a tuft of hair. The horse can run very fast. The ancient kings maintained horses and war-horses. People used to ride on them. But in the modern times, horses have been replaced by automobiles. Now horses are used to draw the horse coaches.
Camels have been designed for use in deserts. They can store the rations inside their bodies. Hence, they can travel in the long deserts weeklong without any food or water. Their legs have been planned mainly for the sands. Hence, camels are called ships of the desert.
Donkey is a beast of burden. Its hoof is not very tough. It is slow-mover. It can manage with a poor kind of forage.
Mule is a offspring of a male donkey and a mare. It is an excellent pack-animal. It carries loads along the mountain tracks.
Cock is a common kind of domestic bird. It wears a red crest on its head. This crest is known as the cock's comb. The cock is an early riser. Many people rise at the time of cock-crow. The cocks crow and rouse us from our sleep. The female of the cock is called the hen. She lays eggs. She warms her eggs and hatches them into chickens. Her eggs are very nutritious. We should rear these birds for their eggs. Its flesh is good for health.
Parrot is a talking bird. It can imitate the human voice. Its body is green in colour but its beak is red. It is cruel to keep it in a small cage. It should be kept in a large and spacious cage. It should be kept with five or six friends of its kind.
We see many kinds of pigeon. Pigeons are beautiful birds. Many people keep them out of fancy. Some pigeons are trained to carry mails to the inaccessible places.
Our domestic animals are quite friendly to us. They do very useful jobs for our benefit. Hence, we should treat them with all kindness.

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