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Christmas In Prague - Kısa Özeti

Christmas In Prague

It was Christmas Eve, at three o'clock in the afternoon, and in the city of London it was very cold and almost dark. There was no sunlight because of the thick fog in the air.

In the centre of the city two names were painted on the door of an old building: Scrooge and Marley. Jacob Marley had dyed seven years ago.

Scrooge didn't like people. He didn't care about people. He only cared about only one thing: money!

He had no friends. Nobody visited his house. Nobody said hello to him as he walked through the street.

But Scrooge wanted his life to be this way. He liked writing down amounts of money people owed him and people had given him in his account books and working in his office - even in Christmas. `Nonsense! Rubbish! Christmas is nonsense. It's humbug! Bah!' Scrooge said.

It was cold outside, but the fire in the fireplace was very small. The door of Scrooge's office was open, and he could see into the next room, which was very small and cold too. Bob Cratchit worked there. He could not have a bigger fire because Scrooge kept most of the coal in his own office. And Scrooge wouldn't let Bob have another piece of coal. So Bob continued working for Scrooge.

Suddenly Fred, Scrooge's nephew opened the door and invited him to have dinner with Fred's family. `Never! You mustn't say anything more, nephew! Goodbye!' said Scrooge, and continued working.

As Fred left, a gentleman came in. He asked money for the poor people who lived in prisons and workhouses. `Good. Put the poor people in workhouses. There are too many people in the world; tell them to go away and die. Goodbye!' So the gentleman left.

At last, Scrooge decided it was time to stop work. So he and Bob went to their houses and eat dinner (Bob with his family and Scrooge alone).

 Suddenly, Jacob Marley's ghost appeared next to the fire. He said three other ghosts were going to appear that night: Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. They were going to help him to be good and kind to other people.

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