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To me happiness, is thanks all you have, enjoy it, because there are many people who aren´t lucky, some people for a food on the table every day they do the imposible things, so we must to be happy person for have food on the table every day and a health live.
I can’t choose a happy time in my live, it’s very difficult for me, because every day I live happiness moments, but my favourites are when my parents have holidays and we can be together, also when I listen my favourite group “SHINee”, I love their songs, their songs are amazings, differents, beautifuls, specials… I can’t choose onew song of their, because, they put much feelings in theirs songs, and I also happiness when people smile, so I’m also happy.
It’s very important get smile to the people. 

Happiness are the moments of your life which you wish you never pass. It’s when you’re having fun doing what you do, without suffering for nothing.
I passed a lot of moments happies in my life, but mi favorite is when I arrive to Vilanova, because I starting a new life, a life I have now.
Well, this is my opinion.

For me happiness is when you feel well and feel that everything you do well in life. There are moments of happiness in which something happened to you that you liked and why you feel happiness. In my life there have been several things that I miss happy. Right now you could say I’m in a happy time, because I feel so.

Hi!! *^*
For me happiness are the little beautifull moments with the people I love. As some people, the thing that makes me happily is my brother. The second thing are the books, I can’t explain what I feel when I read, but something that makes me be myself. And finally I love the graphic design, with the PS I can express what I feel.

Happiness for me, is to spend happy times with my best friend and other friens. For example: meet my friend to go to cinema, park, telepizza, video game shop….
The happiest moment on my life is in Sant Joan because is my birthday and in the night my friends and I burst crackers, also because they give me gifts.

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