19 Şubat 2014 Çarşamba

İngilizce Televizyonun Faydaları ve Zararları

Television is now widespread in all communities. Almost everyone has access to this medium on a daily basis. However, the effects of televising are not always positive. What are some of the negative effects of television? What can be done to minimize these bad effects? Give reasons for your answer.

In this day and age, television is one of the major technologies for communication across the world. Fundamentally, everybody is able to access to this powerful media every time. In spite of the fact that watching television can be negative for us as well as our society, expect for its positive sides. Albeit, There are some good solutions for this issue.
Many commentators are of the view that television has many drawbacks for every generation, chiefly, younger generations. First of all, some family members point out they tend to spend their leisure time in front of television, in lieu of spending their time with their families. Secondly, every country has different culture. Although some authority acknowledges that the media is really powerful to change traditional culture with the modern lifestyle, such as the cultures, which are from the western countries. Finally, another negative effect can be upon some advertisement, which have poor quality. Nevertheless, they might be really expensive compared with other items. Like some commercial programs in the middle of films, which advertise some junk food, notably, for children. As a result, it can be a negative aspect on people’s lives.
Besides these, if the governments come up with these negative situations from the Televisions, then they can have profound impressions on some bad effect of televisions. It would be better to say that authorities can make some roles for censorship some programs which are immoral. Another good illustration of this is the governments can increase the quality of program on television with increasing the low salaries of people who play on television. As a consequences, these way may decrease these unfavorable effects.
To sum up, there could be a case for saying that even if television has negative aspects for us. Notwithstanding, I aforementioned them, there are some effective solutions to fade negatives aspects.

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