14 Şubat 2014 Cuma

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Hi. Today was a long day. It feels like it was two seperate days. I had 7 classes and it was really tiring. I woke up at nearly 6 am in the morning. I had a terrible nightmare in which two groups of burglars were trying to break into my house. I usually wake up at 7.15 but I couldn't sleep after this. I had experienced 3 burglaries so far; 2 while I was sleeping that luckily I didn't wake up, 1 while I was out. Even after those incidents I wasn't that much frightened. But thanks to my nagging parents, now I really get scared. I imagined lots of ways of killing the burglar which I use a pepper spray and stab him in the stomach or cut his throat. However, I had heard that we couldn't kill them unless they're in our bedroom  So I searched this on the net. That yellow journalism was not that accurate, we could still kill the bastard and claim self defence if he had a weapon, or we could just kill him and say that it was in a moment of shock and terror. We could be acquitted unless he was unarmed or he was running away. Anyway I was kind of relieved. But if I could buy a weapon I would definitely feel much better. I can't understand that humanistic bullshit which we can't kill a scumbag who barges into our private homes, an intruder who can harm us, who causes trauma for the rest of our lives. Anyway I read some laws are soon to come which will correct this. Hopefully...
At school I had a long talk with my 11th graders and then the vice principle and we decided to lower their level from intermediate to elementary which is one of the most stupid things I have ever had to do in my career. But I think it's nobody's fault.

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