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Charles Dickens İngilizce Tanıtımı

Charles Dickens was born on 7 February 1812. He was an English
writer and created some of the world's most memorable fictional
characters (people). One of the most famous characters he created
was Oliver Twist, a poor boy living in Victorian times.
Charles was born in Portsmouth, England. His parents named him
Charles John Huffam Dickens. He was the second of eight children.
When Charles was 12, he was made to work in a dirty old factory because his father was sent to prison for six months for not paying his bills. By 1824 Charles's father had enough money to send him back to school. He got a job in a lawyer's office at the age of 15. He then got a job writing about Parliament. He learned shorthand and travelled around England in a stagecoach, writing for newspapers.
Charles would often walk around the city of London, watching and listening. He was angered at the sad things that he saw but it helped him come up with ideas for new stories. He wanted to make things better for people and open new libraries, schools, and hospitals. Charles
became famous and everyone knew who he was.
In 1837, Oliver Twist came out. He was an orphan boy who ends up in London in a gang of thieves. The story ends happily for Oliver but people were shocked by the way poor children were treated.
In 1843 Dickens wrote 'A Christmas Carol', one of his most famous stories. In this story we meet the miser Scrooge and three ghosts.
In 1868 Charles went to the United States, reading to large audiences on stage. The job was
tiring and he became very sick.
In 1870 Charles Dickens died at his home in Kent. He was writing a book called 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood'. He was buried in Westminster Abbey.

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