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Mehmet Topal’ın İngilizce Hayatı

Birth Date 1986-03-03
Birth Place Malatya
Former Clubs Malatya Belediyespor, Çanakkale Dardanelspor
Previous Team Çanakkale Dardanelspor
Turkish League Debut 2006
Height 187 cm
Weight 76 kg
Nick Örümcek
He started football in Malatya, at the age of 11. He was brought up and educated in harsh conditions where even a grass field was missing. While playing in Malatya Belediyespor’s academy he was transferred by Çanakkale Dardanelspor in 2002.
After extremely succesful three years there, he found himself signing with Galatasaray at the very last day of transfer season. Seldomly having chance to play in his first season with Erik Gerets, Mehmet Topal found the opportunity to improve and prove himself. After Feldkamp’s presence in 2007-2008 season he was the substitute for Tobias Linderoth for a while. After the star player’s injury Mehmet Topal has the chance to play in the first 11.
His high performance lead the way to the A National Team. Having worn the national jersey for the first time in the friendly match against Sweden, Topal is called “the Spider” among his friends because of his long legs and his extreme ability to steal the ball. He was also one of the stars in Euro 2008. His jersey number 14 represents Patrick Vieira to whom he is a fan.
kaynak http://www.galatasaray.org
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