26 Ocak 2014 Pazar

İnsanları Dış Görünüşlerine Göre Yargılamak İngilizce

"We are able to judge people by their appearance. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?"

So far, appearance had become one of the most important things in identifying a person. When our society increasingly depends on material values more and more, appearance gradually becomes the reflection of our personality in other people mind. However, the way someone looks like could not be used for judging her or him and it does not tell us about the real-person inside each one. Therefore, I do not agree with this statement. 

No doubt, judgment is one of our important needs in life, especially in routine communications. It might be argued that physical appearance is the very first thing making us to be impressed. When looking at people's appearance, we just realize ones we focus on: their emotion statement, their aesthetic mind (in either art, music, fashion...), how much they love themselves, and in some cases, the way they make up their appearance will show up how much they respect their partners or people around them. We know that when looking at movie stars, famous singers, or politicians. 

In fact, we use to judge people we know nothing about than ones we know well. However, the truth is that appearance could not tell us their characteristics, their thinking ways, things they do and done, their targets in life, their living conditions and so on. So how could we assume that they are good or bad, smart or stupid by based on their appearance?

We usually see people owning tattoos or piercings, dressing conservatively, no hair or strange hairstyle, we even see people who do not care about their appearance at all. Take overweight people for example. Should we treat them differently than ones who are in shape? Of course, we should not. Just because they love foods or love to be chubby than slim, that does not mean they are poor, strict or lazy. 

Moreover, appearance could be changed to suit emotions, purpose of act or even to hide the true person inside oneself like scammers or murderers. Therefore, personal judgments basing on appearance will not be believable. 

To conclude, I strongly believe that it is not fair to judge people by their appearance and the only way that could help us judging people is to get them well.

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