16 Ocak 2014 Perşembe

İngilizce Olarak Sevdiklerimi ve Sevmediklerimi İfade Etme

I like winter . It is a season of picnics and hard work. I can sit up long hours poring over my books in the stillness of the night. I simply dread the summer season with the blazing sun, intense heat and the dry hot winds. It is the season when we perspire profusely and the breeze of the fan does very little to relieve the discomfort we feel. The rainy season too, is a nuisance. I dislike it because it spoils the clothes I wear and forces me to stay indoors.
I dislike people who tell a lie for their selfish gain. My blood boils when I see people dying to cheat others. Such people are very harmful to the society. Trust begets trust, the say. These people poison the atmosphere with foul suspicion. I love frank, straightforward people. They might appear to be rough at first but they are the people who never do any one any harm. It is but for go these people that the world is a place worth living.
I do not like to waste my spare time in idle talks or in backbiting others. It is not in my nature to speak ill of others. I hate people who always find faults with others. These are the pests of the society and I would like to keep them at an arm's length. I like to spend my leisure in reading a good book or listening to light music or a skit or a drama on the radio. During holidays I love to travel and visit places of historical interest and thus add to my general knowledge. The scenes and sights of nature please me. The gay company of my friends cheers me. It is a sort of tonic for me. Lastly, I dislike being sermonized by elders. It is like swallowing a bitter pills. I understand my duties and responsibilities and I do not like to be told to do this thing or that. It is for this very reason that I cannot stand the rebuke of my teachers, however well-intentioned they may be. What I like most is sympathy and understanding from my elders.

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