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Gheorghe Hagi’nin hayatı ingilizce

Gheorghe Hagi
When Gheorghe Hagi joined Galatasaray in 1996, there were many questions in the minds of football authorities, as well as fans. After a glamorous start to his career in his native Romania with Steaua Bucharest, Hagi joined Spanish giants Real Madrid for a record transfer fee. While with Barcelona, or Brescia in Italy, he was never able to find the well-known form he had displayed while playing for the Bucharest team. Despite the critics, Hagi made a quick impact at Galatasaray, scoring the game-winning goals in his first three matches. Desperately seeking an idol player after the likes of Metin Oktay, Turgay Şeren or Fatih Terim, the fans embraced Hagi with open arms. Soon the Ali Sami Yen, as well as stadiums all around were echoing with “I love you Hagi” songs and slogans. Many have described him as “the best foreign player ever to play in Turkey.” His breathtaking freekicks, the delicate body moves, the deadly left foot, his strong temperament and personality, are still in the hearts and minds of Galatasaray supporters worldwide. Today, his Number 10 jersey is one of the two jerseys -the other one belonging to Metin Oktay- hanging on the walls of Galatasaray’s Museum. In the 2004-2005 league season Hagi coached Galatasaray team as the Technical Director.
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