16 Ocak 2014 Perşembe

Geniş Zamanı Kullanarak Bir Gününü Anlatma

My daily life is the life that I follow everyday. My daily life consists of my daily duties. My daily life is as follows.
My Life in morning
I get up very early in the morning. It is at five O clocks. Then I pray to god. I wash my face and limbs. I attend the privy. I clean my teeth and tongue. I do the physical exercise. Then I take my bath. After my bath I take breakfast. At 7 a.m. I sit for study. At 9 a.m. I take my meal. Then I rest for fifteen minutes. At half past nine I go to school.
My life at school
I reach the school before it is 10 a.m. After half an hour the peon rings the prayer-bell. I join the mass-prayer with the student. After the mass-prayer, the first period begins. Then I follow the routine of the school. After the first four periods we get a recess for half an hour. In the recess I take some tiffin. My school closes at 4 p.m. Then I come back home. I wash my face and limbs. Then I go to the playground. There I play with my friends. I like to play football. At 5 p.m. I return to my home.
MY life in the evening
In the evening I do prayer unto God. At 6 p.m. I sit for my study. At 9 p.m. I take my supper. Then I go to bed within a minute. I fall in a sound sleep.
My life in the holiday
During the holidays I do not go to school. I study at home and make up my weakness. Sometimes, I go on picnics with my friends. Sometimes I play indoor games. Sometimes I read some books from my class library. In the hot season, I go to school in the morning. During this time, I change my daily routine of life.
I am quite punctual in doing every item of my daily life. Hence, I am never idle and not a single minute is wasted.

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