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Do you prefer to eat out or eat at home ?

Do you prefer to eat out or eat at home ?

While some people prefer to eat at out, other people prefer to eat at home. Each one has its benefits. However I think I prefer to eat at home.

Of course, there are some advantages of the eating out. Firstly, restaurant can give us feeling of being comfortable and tasting delicious foods. And after the eating, there is no need to wash kitchen utensils such as dishes , cups and spoons. In addition, for couple who are dating , the restaurant is more appropriate place. There they are able to speak to each other and know about each other profoundly. For instance, my father told me that my parents first date took place in a restaurant located in the downtown. Furthermore, for someone who do not know how to cook and have no one who can cook for them, It seems that the eating out is only one rest of choice.

I believe that the eating at home has more diverse advantages than the eating out. Firstly, The principal advantage is that the eating at home give us more guarantees for our health. Whether that the restaurant meal can be quality is doubtful. In other words, It is a significant for being healthy to eat at home. Majority of the restaurant foods contain much cholesterol and it has bad effects. In addition. If we cook at home instead of the eating out, it will be more cheaper. The eating at home is a way to save money. And we can spend money saved on what else we want to buy. Lastly, in the restaurant, we choose what a meal we want to eat from the menu. But , at home, we can make a cook which we designed as our desire instead of choosing from the limited menu.

Although restaurants suggest us feeling more comfortable situations and eating delicious foods, I believe that the eating at home is more beneficial.

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