4 Aralık 2013 Çarşamba

Yaz Tatilini İngilizce Olarak Anlatma

          Last year I spent my holiday in Antalya  with my friends. I flew there 
although I’m quite afraid of flying. But it was worth it because I saw three 
impressive cities: Alanya  Manavgat  and Side.
I started my vacation in Alanya. I stayed in a cheap hostel in the city center. Most of the time I walked in the streets to talk to the local people and learn how they lived and thought. One day while I was walking through a park, I saw an interesting building. I got closer and discovered that it was the castle.  It was the amazing Alanya Castle.
           The next stop was Manavgat . I really liked it because there were so many 
new buildings with great modern architecture. I was drinking a cup of coffee at a street cafe when I saw a big crowd. They were walking to the Manavgat  Stadium. There was a match of Manavgat. The fans  were carrying flags and singing songs while they were walking towards the stadium. 

         From this vacation I enjoyed Side most. I knew nothing about the city 
when I arrived there. It was an old but magnificent town. Its old buildings and architecture were fascinating. While I was wandering the streets, I met a lot of friendly people. I recommend this city to everybody.During my vacation in Antalya the weather was great. It was not too hot, or 
too cold. The sun was shining in the sky all day long. It was a little bit windy in the mornings, but the rest of the day was lovely. I will always remember my holiday in Antalya. It was great

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