28 Aralık 2013 Cumartesi

When -While Örnek Cümleleri

I only got home late last night when he was making food.

The lights went out while Marilyn was reading.

While I was playing with the children, he came home.

1. While my father was reading a book , my 
 mother was looking at the family album. 
2. I was having a shower , when my friend 
 broke my mother's favourite vase. 
3. When the teacher came into the classroom 
 ,some students were arguing with each other. 
4. I arrived home , While  all the guests were 
 having tea and biscuits. 
5. When she was a little girl , she visited her 
 relatives with her mother. 
6. I liked working in group and pairs , When 
 was a secondary school student. 
7. While  Sue was waiting for the 12 o'clock 
 train , she met an old friend. 
8. The Pearsons were having a large breakfast , 
 When the doorbell rang. 
9. My father was waiting in the car , While  
 my mother was doing shopping. 
10.What were you doing When the teacher 
 looked at you suddenly. 
11. When the train left , Thomas was rushing 
 to the station. 
12.The electricity went of , While  we were 
 watching a horror film. 
13. While  Mathew was going to the library , 
 he saw a car accident on Mapple Street. 
14.The baby boy started crying , While his 
 mother was combing her hair. 
15. While the mother was doing the washing 
 up , the twins were sweeping the floor. 
16.The sun was rising , When we reached 
 the summit of the mountain. 
17. When Susan entered the living room , 
 everybody began singing 'Happy Birthday'. 
18.Mr.Robinson fell off the tree While he 
 was looking at the little bird's nest. 
19. When I dropped the vase , it broke into 


  • while he was waiting for his friend he played his ipad
       I sang while I was washing the dishes. (Bulaşıkları yıkarken şarkı söyledim.)
      - She watched me while I  was makin the cake. (Ben kek yaparken o beni izledi.)
      - I waited outside while she was having an interview. (O görüşme yaparken ben dışarıda bekledim.)

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