12 Aralık 2013 Perşembe

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Internet. Addiction?

Now days we face to many different program that mass media shows, such as TV,Radio,Internet,..we envisage with not only advertisement(propaganda) but also increasing development in tools & methods to easier access on the internet,such as ipad,notebook & Etc.one of the considerable mass media is internet. as far as we know everything can have advantages or disadvantages,so the internet is not except,users of internet could easily addicts with surfing without aim or playing game on the internet & it is really baneful for teenagers,adults, because they waste their time and don't do homework, 
furthermore the other thing that we are encounter is abusing of information. Majority of the students just go to the website and even without read the whole of article ,just drag part of it and copy-paste on the paper and submit it as their own homework,that is a kind of plagiarism and it is illegal.

In other hand internet can improve communication among the people of all world,and provided the easiest way for people live faraway from their relatives,as well as for poor people who can't afford ticket for long way to visiting their relatives & for busy students,busy employees as well. Internet could benefit for them cause they can communicate with their relatives by using voice chat,webcam, emails, morever they could saving time,saving time is more valuable specially for students. the students of this century by searching on the internet library could find the books that need in afew minutes, years of ago students at least had to spend 2 hours for finding the book in library!
internet is source of many different kind of information, that information is benefit for researcher & student, the classification of scientific information is the way for faster analysis & comparative .it is really improve the scientific development.
anyhow in my mind internet has more advantages than disadvantages..
as a result the best way to prevent the addiction on internet is determine particular time for surfing ,chat,and the other time would allocate for other activity such as sport,studing,communication in real world.cause addicted on the internet make increase virtual communication between people who do not know each other , and sometimes it is threaten kids,teenagers. thus , the parents have to control their child to prevent not only for probably threaten but also addiction on the internet.

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