4 Aralık 2013 Çarşamba

Sağlıklı Yaşamın Sırrı

My name is Simon Moore. I’ve always liked trying different 
dishes. I was slim when I was young. But, when I was 40, I 
was 140 kg. I didn’t have much energy. My dietician gave me 
different diets and exercise, but I couldn’t lose weight. A month 
later I read about a new diet in the newspaper. It was very 
simple. “If you eat only a meal a day, you will lose weight. If you 
don’t eat breakfast or lunch, in the evening you can eat as much 
as you like for dinner.”
Now a dinner for me is a very big steak or a really big piece of 
grilled fish with a medium - sized plate of pasta or a big bowl of 
salad, a lot of boiled vegetables.
I usually eat some fried eggs with that. For dessert I often have 
some fruit or a big slice of apple pie. I have dinner at 9 o’clock, so 
when I go to bed, I feel very full but I always sleep well.
I started the diet 6 months ago. It was very hard at first 
because I felt hungry. If you don’t eat anything for breakfast, 
you will feel hungry by midday. Those days I wanted to eat a 
sandwich or some cookies but it’s OK now. I don’t have any 
snacks. I just drink lots of water the whole day. During the day 
whenever I feel hungry, I remember my motto. “If you don’t eat 
anything during the day, you’ll lose weight.”

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