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Orhan Pamuk İngilizce Hayatı

Orhan Pamuk is a world famous and Nobel prize winner Turkish novelist from modern times. He was born inIstanbul on 7th of June 1952. During his childhood in Nisantasi neighborhood, he dreamed to become a painter so he kept painting until he was 22 years old. He was graduated from the Robert College high school in Istanbul and then went to Istanbul Technical University to study architecture. But after 3 years of architecture studies, he changed his mind and quit the school then studied journalism at the Istanbul University, but he didn’t become a journalist neither. So, at the age of 23 he decided to become a writer and left everything behind to dedicate himself in writing.
Orhan Pamuk became a writer in 1974. In 1979, his first novel “Karanlik ve Isik” (Darkness and Light from Turkish) won the first prize during the Milliyet Novel Competition. This novel was published as a book in 1982 under the name of “Cevdet Bey ve Ogullari” (Mister Cevdet and His Sons), and then he won another prize in 1983 with the same book at the Orhan Kemal Novel prizes. Many of his later books won also several international prizes all around the world, his novels are classified under the post-modern novels category.
Orhan Pamuk won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006, becoming the first Turkish citizen to win such a prize and one of the two youngest persons to get this prize in the history of Nobel. He gave a speech called “Babamin Bavulu” (My Father’s Suitcase) when he received the Nobel Prize during the ceremony in Sweden. His books are translated into dozens of languages for over 100 countries around the world.
In 2005, the Prospect magazine named Orhan Pamuk among “world’s 100 intellectuals”. In 2006, the TIME magazine chose him as “one of the 100 most influential persons of the world”. He holds an honorary doctorate from Tilburg University and gives lectures on literature in Columbia University once a year. Pamuk lived for 3 years in New York, but for the rest of his life he has been living inIstanbul. He has a daughter named Rüya (dream).

His books

Cevdet Bey ve Ogullari (Mister Cevdet and His Sons), 1982
Sessiz Ev (The House of Silence), 1983
Beyaz Kale (The White Castle), 1985
Kara Kitap (The Black Book), 1990
Gizli Yüz (Secret Face), 1992
Yeni Hayat (The New Life), 1994
Benim Adim Kirmizi (My Name is Red), 1998
Öteki Renkler (Other Colors), 1999
Kar (Snow), 2002
Istanbul: Hatiralar ve Sehir (Istanbul: Memories and the City), 2003
Masumiyet Müzesi (Museum of Innocence), 2008

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