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My life’s story

My life’s story

I’m Leyla. My last name is Sargun.
I live in Antalya. My house is next to a my school”.
My e-mail address is leyla@hotmail.com
I am 13 years old. My birthday is on February first.
I am tall and thin.
I am a student. My English teacher’s name is Kezban.
I am from Turkey. I am Turkish.

My favorite singer is Hadise.
My favorite writer is Orhan Pamuk.
My favorite athlete is Aslı Çakır Alptekin.
My favorite musician is Hüsnü Şenlendirici.
My favorite artist is Erkan Petekkaya.
I like to watch “Arka Sokaklar” on television.

My parents’ name is Gülay and Mahmut.  
My mother is short, thin and beautiful.
My father is short, fat and handsome.
I have two siblings. I have got  two sisters.
My sister’s name is Sibel. She is eight years old. He is short, thin, young and very beautiful. Her birthday is on January fifteenth.
My sister’s name is berna. She is six years old. She is short, very thin, very young and very beautiful. Her birthday is on April eighteenth.
I have nine uncles, seven aunts and eleven cousins.
My grandparents are Murat and Reyhan.

I like black clothes.
I have blue jeans.
I wear jeans, T- shirt and skirt every day.
I want boots and a coat.
My house is big.
There is a bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, garden and garage.
The most important furniture is bedroom and bathroom.

My routine is good.
I study every day.
I check e-mail three times a week.
I swim once a week.
I never do the laundry.
I sometimes do exercise.

I like to eat apple, grapes, and strawberries.
I don’t eat peaches, onion, kiwi, pear and meat.
I drink coffee, tea, juice, water and soda.
I don’t drink milk.
I eat break, juice, and fruits for breakfast.
I eat macaroni for lunch.
My favorite food is pizza

Last week I read a book, saw movie, rode a bike, did homework and listened to music.
Yesterday I went to park, went to the cinema and did my homework.
Yesterday I didn’t go to the theatre, eat fish and do the laundry.
Today I went to school, did homework and studied.
I can paint, draw, swim and cook.
I can’t sew, knit, dance, drive, play the violin, ski and fix a car.

I was born in Bursa.
I was born on February first.
For the next 5 years, I would like to travel to İstanbul.
I have some great news. Next year, I’m thinking of traveling to Kapadokya.

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