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My life’s history

 My life’s history


I’m Nalan.
My last name is Varan.
I live in Antalya. My address is Kepez .
My e-mail address is nalan@hotmail.com

My house is next to a library.

I am short and average.
I am a student. I am Mr. Yaşar’s student.
I am from Turkey. I am Turkish.

My favorite singer is Chris Brown.
My favorite writer is Orhan Pamuk.
My favorite athlete is elvan abeylegesse .
My favorite song is Tarkan's Dudu dudu.
I like Superblog on television.

My parent’s name is Makbule and Adnan.
My mother is short.
My father is tall.

I have 2 siblings. I have 2 brothers.
My brother’s name is Selim. He is 16 years old. He is tall and thin.
My brother’s name is Malik. He is 15 years old. He is tall and thin.

I have 10 uncles 6 aunts 13 cousins.
My grandparents are Tekin and Melike.

I like pink and black clothes.
I have white and purple sweater/Jacket.
I wear jeans, shirt, cap and shoes.
I want cap, shoes and boots.
My house is medium
There care 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, a kitchen, a living room
My routine is: simple.

I listen to music and watch TV every day.
I use the computer three times a week.
I draw and paint once week
I never knit and play the guitar.
I sometimes dance.

I like to eat apple.
I don’t eat onion, pears and pepper.
I drink soda, juice and water.
I don’t drink tea.

I have coffee for breakfast
I eat rice, beans and fish for lunch
My favorite food is strawberry, rice and beans.
Last week I went to school.
Yesterday listened to music.
Yesterday I didn’t go out.
Today I listen to music and watch TV.
I can paint, draw, sing and dance
I can’t drive play the guitar, knit and sew

I was born in Ankara.
I was born on January 18th.
I grew up in Antalya.

For the next 5 years. I would like to...
I would like to work.
I would like to date.
I would like to buy an apartment.
I would like to buy a car.

For the next 10 years. I would like to...
I would like to graduate in Business.
I would like to travel Germany.

I have great news. Next year, I’m going to go out.

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