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Mariah Carrey İngilizce Hayatı

Mariah Carrey was born in New York on 27th March, 1970. Her father Roy Carrey was an aeronautical engineer. Her mother Patricia Carrey, an opera singer and a vocal teacher, was the main enhancement of her talents. More than 200 millions of copies of her albums altogether are sold, where Mariah is the songwriter of most of her tracks. Her voice is high and strong, having 5 octaves. When 3 years of age, her parents were divorced; and at 4, she was taught by her mother. She is a graduate of Harborfield in Greenlawn since 1987. After being graduated, she started earning in Manhattan while being employed as a coat check girl and a waitress. Her life at nights at that time was filled with passion for music and songwriting.

It was in 1988, she got the first breakthrough by stunning Tommy Mottolo, the president of the Columbia Record Company with her demo version containing her high and strong voice. With the immediate contract between her and the record label, her debut album named Mariah Carrey was released in 1990. The songs like Love Takes Time, I Don’t Wanna Cry, Some Day and Vision of Love were the most hit numbers. The year 1992 saw her second album release under the name of Emotions. This album became the No. 1 of Billboard Chart having the hit tracks such as Can’t Let Go and Make It Happen.
Her performance on MTV channel the same year in the program Unplugged included the Michael Jackson number I’ll Be There. Mariah’s next album Music Box was released in 1993 having hit songs like Dreamlover and Hero. Merry Christmas was her next album released in 1994 having many hit songs. Another album named Daydream in 1995 had the song Fantasy which became a No. 1 single. The next album of hers named Butterfly had 11 numbers, where all of the songs were written by Carrey herself. The year 1998 noticed her album named # 1’s having the hit song of When You Believe along with Whitney Houston. This song brought Carrey an Academy Award nomination. Her 8th album in 2002 was Charm Bracelet earning a place at No. 3 of Billboard chart.

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