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Lady gaga was from a simple family in Manhattan , new York city, USA. Originally named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, lady gaga had a struggling life before entering the world of a celebrity. She was talented from a very early age. Lady gaga knew how to play piano and was able to sing from a young age.  She had to face tough days. At the age of 14, gaga even performed at open mike nights and also in clubs and bars. Finally she started taking music as her career and at the age of 17, she joined the Tisch school of arts of the New York university. She was also into the job of preparing analytical papers on religion and politics apart from her songwriting skills.

Finally, at a age of 19, she decided to form her own band and drew herself away from studies and family. Although lady gaga had a stage name after joining hands with rob fusari, she could not hold her fate longer. Gaga had a downfall in her career and this resulted in drug and alcohol addiction. But her bad luck did not continue, she met lady starlight and gained fame after performing at the Lollapalooza festival in 2007. Gaga also had a wild fashion sense for which she was criticized by the people.
Lady Gaga released her first album “the fame”in 2008 and toured all over Europe for promoting it with her other band members. Lady gaga succeeded in winning numerous awards for her hits. Her latest album “the fame monster” is all about her own life which she faced to gain success.

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