16 Aralık 2013 Pazartesi

Kişilik Özelliklerini İngilizce Olarak Belirtme

Whenever I encounter difficulties, I will try my best to solve it. Generally speaking, I’m patient and persistent. It must because of my parents. They are always saying that we can’t escape the challenge of life. I remember hen I was a senior high school student, I was afraid of swimming. But the swimming class was required; I have to learn it without any exception. At first, I can’t even move in the water. This situation remained several days. In this period of time, I almost gave up. But I have no choice, I kept on practice. Then, my mother told me that attitude would influence my performance. I didn’t notice before, so I change my attitude to it. Ironically, I found fun from it little by little. I have never thought that swimming can be a pleasure. It is out of my prediction. From then on, I realize that attitude is important. After all, attitude is everything.

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