23 Nisan 2014 Çarşamba

Kişilik Özelliklerini İngilizce Olarak İfade Etme

I define myself as an honest person. For me, honest is the most important personal characteristic no matter where I have been, to school or to work. It has been a major task we learn in life. For instance, the clerk gave me the wrong money before and I noticed that, so I turned the excess money that did not belong to me to her.
I also think I am an independent girl. My parents were all busy for work when I was young. They did not have much time to accompany with me, so I usually played by myself, finished my homework, and did easy housework alone. Not letting them worry about me, I could handle myself. And another factor was, my father had worked abroad for years so I also had to take care of my mom. Maybe this causes an influence that sometimes I care my friends more than my family.

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