12 Aralık 2013 Perşembe

İngilizce Ünlü Tanıtımı-Lisa Najeed Halaby

Queen Noor of Jordan was born in the United States in 1951. Her name was Lisa Najeed Halaby. She studied arthitecture and urban planning at Princeton University. She graduated in 1974. She worked in Australia and Iran. She met King Hussein of Jordan in 1977. They married in 1978. She took the name of Noor al-Hussein. Queen Noor became a Muslim and dedicated herself to her husband and Jordan. They had four children. Queen Noor worked to improve Jordan. She set up schools and encouraged Arab children from all countries to learn about their history. She worked for women and children in Jordan. She still continues to work for her country. She wrote a book about her life in 2003.

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