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İngilizce Ünlü Tanıtımı-Demi lovato

Demi Lovato was born on August 20 1992 in Albuquerque new Mexico USA. Mother and Father: Patrick and Diana Lovato. In the middle of 3 children, 2 sisters, younger sister Madison De La Garza. Demi Lovato is a singer plus background culture actor and truly talented from the age of 10 starring in a Barney Channel with Selena Gomez. She was also made former Dallas Comboy Cheerleader.
She started off as a 10 year old Barney actor. When she got older she started in a show called Sonny with a Chance with Sterling Knight and other nickelodeon characters. Then she went on to make a movie with the Jonas brothers called ‘Camp Rock’. She has made a big career and fans all around the world for money and I watch on her television.

Demi Lovato is making more episodes and shows after making 16 new episodes starting on July 21 2009. She also made a short television show called like ‘As the Bell Rings’. She also made 2 or more songs along with the Jonas Brothers soundtrack September 23 2008 ‘Don’t Forget’. Burning Up Tour Opening Act 2009, and more music on YouTube. She stars as Mitchie Torres and we can’t back down in Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers. I like to know and watch her acting on So Random and mostly Sonny with a Chance. Demi Lovato is mostly seen on X-factor as Judge along with Briteny Spears, Simon Cowell, and L.A. Reid. She is there even as an actress and singer

Demi has made tons of music for the past years and won 9 awards for her music and acting on Sonny with a Chance. She got young artist awards and AMLA Awards. She was nominated for her Comedy, Acting, Choice, Music Breakouts, and television performance. Demi Lovato has made a very impressing career for me to watch on television family. Demi has made a very impressing career for me to watch on the television channel family, she makes funny, amusing acts that are a tradition to watch. Her cereal theoretical song is very bounding with Demi getting a prime call to So Random and she goes there with her bags, flying on an airplane to So Random and starring with Sterling Knight, Tiffany Thorton, Brandon Mychal Smith, Doug Brochu, and Allison Ashley Arm. Created by: Steve Marmel. They are all in a very important skit called Mackenzie Falls. Her acting is amazing with Sterling Knight as they try to make it funny for everyone to see.

Demi Lovato likes to shop at Forever 21. She is the age of 20 years old and she likes to play on the drums, piano, and guitar. Her natural hair colour is brown. She smiles widely as an Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Pianist. She stars in the Princess Protection Program with Selena Gomez. She likes to surf. Her favourite colours are Red and Black. She likes tacos over pizza. Her favourite rides are at Disneyland: California Scream, and Space Mountain. Camp Rock 2007. Piano age 7.
Demi Lovato has included alot about herself in career life and those are some interesting facts.
Demi Lovato has started a very enjoyable and entertaining career for herself and she is ending it well too. In her life, I like her acting and it was a major role and she wanted to do as well as she can so everyone gets her point of view, everyone likes her voice. As a judge, I think she is commenting her way out of acting because she is getting older and her hair is very cool. As a singer and actor, I think she was influential in camp rock with the Jonas Brothers and she likes to keep facts about them. She is very supportive. 

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