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İngilizce Ünlü Tanıtımı-50 Cent

50 Cent is very similar to other rap stars. They all sing about jail, drugs and violence on the street. There is one difference however, 50 Cent has been there and done that. He has done everything that he sings about. 50 Cent has intimate knowledge of the code and conduct on the street.
50 Cent frequently pronounced “Fiddy” was born Curtis Jackson on July 6 1976 in the Jamaica district of Queens, New York. 50 Cent’s parents belonged to a family that was heavily immersed in the street culture. There was always a risk to their lives. 50 Cent’s mother was killed in mysterious circumstances; his father disappeared soon after. All of this happened before 50 Cent was even ten years old. He moved in with his grand parents. As a teenager 50 Cent did what he had seen all those around him do. He did drugs and sold them. He was a frequent visitor to the jail. He had bought himself a top of the line Mercedes with his drug money. It was only the birth of his son that made him realize that he needed to get a legitimate job.
50 Cent got his first break when Jam Master Jay of Run DMC heard him rap and offered him a contract. It did not help him much financially but it provided a platform where some important people could hear him. One of the tracks that he made was called “How to Rob.” In the song 50 Cent daydreams of robbing famous rappers such as Jay-Z, Ghostface Killah and Sticky Fingaz. He justified it by saying, “.”I’m from the bottom,” he says. “When you’re from the bottom you have nothing to lose so you say what you gotta say and don’t worry about the consequences.” The song brought him instant notoriety and lots of enemies. After many anonymous death threats, he was stabbed at the Hit Factory studio on West 54th Street in Manhattan.
The number of enemies that 50 Cent had cultivated was multiplying by the second. In 1999, the rapper Ja Rule was robbed at gunpoint. Ja Rule claims that he saw his assailant talk to 50 Cent in a club. He has repeatedly insinuated that 50 Cent had a part to play in the attack. 50 Cent then had a problem with his former friend Nas because he made derogatory comments about 50 Cent at one of his concerts. 50 Cent has disassociated himself with former allies – Shyne, Jadakiss, and Fat Joe for working with Ja Rule. Bill O’Reilly has repeatedly insisted on the “The O’Reilly Factor” that the music of 50 Cent should be banned.
50 Cent had landed a contract with Columbia. In the year 2000, an incident occurred that would change his life forever. Columbia was set to release his album called “Power of the Dollar.” On May 24, 2000, an assassin attempted to take 50′s life by shooting him nine times with a 9mm pistol. 50 Cent was in the passenger seat of a car and took shots in his face and limbs. Columbia cancelled the contract and the album wasn’t released.
50 Cent then produced some mix tapes along with his partner Sha Money XL. One of the people to hear the tapes was Eminem. He promptly announced on radio that a new rapper called 50 Cent impressed him. A bidding war began but 50 Cent signed up with Eminem and Dr. Dre for U.S. $ 1 million. 50 Cent became part of Shady/Aftermath Records. Videos featured 50 Cents with his bulletproof vest, pistol and crucifix. His debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, has sold more than 4 million copies to date, it sold 872,000 copies in its first week in the US making it the highest selling debut of a major artist ever.
50 Cent’s songs include “Wanksta,” “21 Questions” (featuring Nate Dogg) “P.I.M.P.” “If I Can’t” “Disco Inferno” “Candy Shop” (feat. Olivia) “Hate It Or Love It” (The Game feat. 50 Cent) “Piggy Bank” and “Just A Lil Bit.”
50 Cent got into the news for the wrong reasons again in 2002. He was taken in for questioning for the murder of his mentor Jam Master Jay. He was also under investigation for Murder Inc’s relationship to former drug dealer Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff He was then later jailed on New Year’s Eve 2002 for gun possession. 50 Cent has signed a deal with Interscope Records to sign and develop artists under the imprint G-Unit Records.

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