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İngilizce Şehir Tanıtımı-Kırşehir


  • Kırşehir is in the middle of turkey.
  • İt is on Central Anatolia Region
  • Kırşehir has 7 districts and 234 villages.


  • Kırşehir is cold and snowy in winter.
  • İn winter the approximate temperature is 5 degrees centigrade.            
  • •Kırşehir  is hot  and rainless in summer.
  • •The average temperature is 21 degrees centigrade.
  • Kırşehir is a small city in Turkey.
  • İt is very cute. 
  • The population is 221,000. But city center population is 102,000.So it is not crowded.
  • Kırşehir is an underdeveloped city.Because it is between Kayseri and Ankara.
General Description
  • Kırşehir is a quiet and livable city.
  • The people are friendly and relax.
  • The city is small and safe.
  • Employment opportunities limited in the city.
  • The people are usually civil cervants or self-employed.
  • There are two television channels.Ahi tv and Ktv.
Cacabey Medresse
  • In the 13th century Astronomy Medresse was built by Cacabey.
  • Cacabeymedresseis the first  observatory in the world.
  • We are using today as a mosque.
Neşet Ertaş
  • He was born in Kırşehir , 1943.
  • He is very famous singer and folk poet.
  • He is a virtuoso of the traditional Turkish instrument bağlama.
Kesikköprü Bridge
  • Kesikköprüis built by Seljuk Empire in Middle Anatolia.
  • The bridge was built above the kızılırmak.
Historical sights
  • The are a lot of historical mosques , museums and underground cities in Kırşehir.

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