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İngilizce Oyun Tanıtımı -Golf

Golf is a game of excitement and a sport played with social spirits. It becomes a pleasant experience because of the lush green grassy surface of the ground and the beauty of so many trees, shrubs and flora that surrounds a golf court. Golf thus brings you in harmonious environment which you are bound to appreciate when you play the game.
Even though this game is considered as a perfect way to relax and it is a heartwarming experience as you make more friends, golf is a challenging sport which demands great skill and tactics. It’s one game that you can keep learning and enjoying throughout the entire life.
To play golf, you need a precision club and a ball and players hit the ball using various kinds of clubs in order to get the ball into the holes with minimum number of strokes. A golf course which is not actually a standardized area defines the play area for golf which has a progression of 9 or 18 holes.
The club is chosen according to the player’s precision of the hole where he wishes to hit the ball. Each hole on a golf course has a tee box and a putting green where the ball is to be actually put in. Each hole varies from the other in layout and arrangement.
Common formats of playing golf include the stroke play where lowest number of strokes are considered during the play by an individual when competing with other players and the match play where during a set number of hours the lowest score on individual holes achieved by the player or team is considered. Scoring can be done on other patterns also.
You may not require a professional training or coaching to learn this sport if you know the basic mechanics involved in the game. You can start playing it with friends who are golfers. In the other case, it is important to take up a professional course for basics to learn mechanisms of grip, stance, posture and swing. Starters can begin with old golf clubs that fit their hands and don’t hurt.
Learning basics including gripping the club, addressing the golf ball and swinging or putting it can be done through professional training and with some online videos or golf guides to emphasize on your mechanics better. Golf becomes a game of enjoyment when you become confident in your aim and shot selection. With experience you know the distance of trajectory of the clubs you use.
Learning golf etiquettes is essential but it is equally important to know the history and the origin of the game so as to understand the terminology and physical elements involved in playing golf.
A golf classroom gives you enough information about the golf club types and their use and also golf ball and other accessories. This is very similar to learning to drive a car or any automobile for the first time. Until you know the basics, you don’t get it right.

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