2 Aralık 2013 Pazartesi

İngilizce Oyun Tanıtımı-Football

My favorite outdoor game

Soccer is my favorite game. Ever since I joined the school, I have been playing soccer. The luscious grass field is very much suited to run, to roll over and kick.

          The game is played between two teams of eleven players each though sometimes lesser number like six or seven may be there in a team. Among the players of a team, some may be forwards, others mid-fielders and defenders, and one goal keeper. Unlike the other players the goal keeper can handle the ball as the situation calls for.

          As it is a team game, all must cooperate. The forwards must be fast, able to take the ball through the legs of the opponent. The midfielders help not only in defense but also help the forwards in clearing and supplying the ball. Defenders must offer strong defense. The goal keeper must be agile, quick to see, correct in anticipation and should kick the ball high and far.
There are well established rules and foul play will be penalized. The referee's job is tough and there have been instances when the poor referee has been man handled by the onlookers. It is the bane of the game that the audience turn partisan.

            Among the great soccer nations Argentina, Brazil, England, Russia and Germany are a few. The name of Pelee, the great footballer of all times has become a household word among the soccer fans.

            Football is a manly game so I like it. Whenever I find time in the evening, I never fail to play for an hour or so. I take the forward position because I feel there is more fun in pursuing and heading the ball.

           Those who do not know much about the game say it is a rough game. Of course there are cases of broken heads, muscle twisting and sometimes even fractures. But these are caused when one does not play according to the rules. Of course they are inevitable in a game like soccer. Nowadays people protect themselves with guards. But for the risks the game is all right. If it is all soft then there won't be any game at all.

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