1 Ocak 2014 Çarşamba

İngilizce Olarak Kendini Tanıtma

I am an eleven year old Turkish girl. I come from a family of three. I have two elder brothers. Both my parents are teachers. I am a primary six student at İstiklal Primary School. My complexion is light brown and I have dark, short hair.

I am very hard-working and always try to get the best grades in class. I must get a good education to fulfill my ambition. My ambition is to be a nurse. I like to take care of the sick and old.

I dislike outdoor activities and rarely participate in games. I enjoy doing things with my hands, like painting, gardening and sometimes I try simple cooking. I spend my free time in our small garden. I grow all kinds of plants in my garden. There are rose plants, hibiscus and morning glory. Sometimes I help my mother with the windows. I dust the furniture, iron the clothes and clean the windows.

My best friend is Hakan. He lives in our neighborhood. We go to the same school. On Sundays John comes to my house to play with me.

My parents love me very much and give me the best of everything. I am a very happy little girl.

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