2 Aralık 2013 Pazartesi

İngilizce Olarak Favori Film Yıldızını Tanıtma

            My favorite drama character is Michael Scofield. He is the main character of Prison Break. My favorite drama is Prison Break, so I consider Michael Scofield to be my favorite drama character. He is playing a role of an architect in the drama, and he had to break the prison in order to get his innocent brother out of the prison. Michael is a very intelligent person and he thinks about the situation and tries to make the right decision.

          I have seen a lot of dramas, but I consider Michael to be my best character because he is different from the other drama characters. I have seen that most of the drama characters are wannabes and they tend to be very aggressive, but Michael is very subtle. I started liking the character a lot when he left his life to save the life of his innocent brother. This is something which is very hard to see in this world. I also liked the way Michael made the plans. His planning was so good that his plans always worked and his enemies were left astounded by the way he disguised them. It is just because of Michael that I saw this drama 4 times and strangely I am even thinking of watching it the 5th time.

          As I told you earlier it is quite impossible to find a person like Michael in this present world. Everyone is so much occupied with his or her that no one has the time to care for another person.

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