16 Aralık 2013 Pazartesi

İngilizce Olarak Bir Ünlüyü Tanıtma-Ichiro Suzuki

My favourite celeblity must be Ichiro Suzuki who has been making a great success in major leagues. He is widely known as a charismatic outfielder. He is thirty one years old this year and used to play in a national professional baseball team in Japan. I am actually supporting another team, but every time when he came up in the line-up, I always got very excited to watch his play. I have read about him before, and I sincerely thought that he was a real genius. I admire his policy which he never compromise things in a half-baked way. Though in 2001, he transfered to Seattle Mariners, he has been having glorious estimation there, too. Additionaly, it is impressible that he gained his position as a celeb today by his continuous effort, and this is the reason why I like him.

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