2 Aralık 2013 Pazartesi

İngilizce İcat Tanıtımı-Televizyon

         New technologies are changing our world day by day. They also enhance the way we live.
         A lot of inventions such as telephones, computers, and cars and so on have made our lives easier. However, some of these inventions have been a controversial topic between people with different views. Television is on top of these.
        Surely, we agree that television is important. It is a machine that makes it possible for people to tour the world while they are relaxing on their living rooms sofas. In addition, those who hate reading newspaper, listening to radio, or browsing internet can find it as an alternative.
       Moreover, television can be a good entertainment provider. It can entertain you by a variety of interesting programmes music, films, and news etc. And above all, you do not need, most of the time, to pay for any of these services.
        Nowadays, many people spend a lot of time watching TV. That is why it indisputably has had many negative effects on the human being's mind.
        One of the most serious negative effects is that television interferes with the relationships between people in their real life. Because it provides attractive programs and films, it badly overwhelms the viewers and wastes their times.
       Consequently, people forget their mundane duties, stop socializing with each other and start imagining that they live with characters in a film or a series. It is very dangerous for relationship in the family itself.
         For example, parents will not be able to watch over their children. So the children may be victims of social deviations such as smoking, drug using, and drinking alcohol.
         In conclusion, the problem does not lie with television itself, but in how we use it in our daily life. We can avoid the bad effects of it and enjoy its merits if we use it wisely.
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