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                                               My life story

I am Fikret.
My last name is Melik.
I live in Antalya.
My e-mail address is fikret@hotmail.com
I m 14 years old. My birthday is on January 31

I am medium.
I am a student. I am a primary school’s student.
I am from Turkey. I am Turkish.

I like Kurtlar Vadisi on television.

My mother is Sibel
My father is faruk
I have got1 sibling. I have got  a sister.
My sister name’s Fatma. She’s 12 years old.
Her birthday is on 20 June.
I have 6  uncles, 8 aunts and 16 cousins.
My grandparents are Tarık and Hatice.

I like red clothes.
I have black clothes.
I usually wear jeans.
I want to wear pants in the school.

My house is medium.
There are 2 living rooms.
The most important furniture is the  sofa.

My routine is nice.
I go to school every day.
I do my homework three times a week.

I read once a week.
I never sleep early.
I sometimes take a nap.

I like to eat apple.
I don’t eat onions.
I don’t drink coke.

I have coffee for breakfast.
I eat rice and meat for lunch.

My favorite food is hamburger.

Last week. I watched TV and did homework.
Yesterday I watched TV, listened to music and did homework.
Yesterday I didn’t play a soccer and read a book.
Today I did homework and listened to music.

I can paint.

I can’t knit and sew.

I was born in Isparta.
I was born on 1994/31/01.
I grew up in Antalya.
We moved to Antalya on February 15th in 1999.

For the next 5 years. I would like to  graduate.

For the next 10 years. I would like to buy a car.

 I have some great news. Next year, I’m going to have a new computer.

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